Thursday, October 17, 2013

Save Sandstone book sales!!!!

We will be selling books at the Save Sandstone Festival for $30! And 5$ of each sale will go to the MCA to help Save Sandstone! Cash and check are preferred however we will be able to take cards.

Come get your book and support Save Sandstone!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Well WE DID IT! You can now buy your guide on this site because PAYPAL is back live again! We will be selling out limited quantities on this site and the guide will be available in store November 1st. 

Pi on top of the oddest boulder around near Odessa, MN

Thursday, October 3, 2013

NEW V12 PROJECT at Sawmill Creek Dome. UPDATE

Yesterday we spoke with Jim directly and he confirmed his ascent of WOW V10 on the exodus boulder but "Flutter" was a project name given to the lower traversing line that stars on Exodus and moves into WOW.

So for now, Flutter is still a project! Get after it!


Well as of today it's official. We will have guides in hand on very soon. If the PAYPAL gods allow we should be live back to pre-orders on next week so stay tuned! The guide will be in stores the first week of November, so if you want prime sending temps make sure you check back for the order now button.

Sample Page

When we talked about putting together a guide we knew we would need a site to make updates and correct errors (errors? US? NEVERZ!). This is that site! The season has started off with a boom with Nic Oklobzija making the 2nd ropeless ascent of Genetic Control (13a/v7) at Taylors Falls.

The massive stack of pads Nic used to cover the death rock.

Here is a video of the 1st ropeless ascent done by the legend Chris Hirsch
Nic used a slightly different beginning section choosing to do the direct start which start 2ft to the left from where Chris does and does some more powerfull moves to get to the "mouth" in the middle of the wall.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Last week I put up a sample page that was a touch old, here is a new one! and Today we got final samples of the book from our printer and we are good to go. We are still working out the kinks on the Pay-Pal pre orders but will have info on that later this week! The book will deliver just in time for the fall temps!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Guide IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attention! We have overloaded our pay-pal account and need to take care of a few issues. If you would like to order a book please hold for 24h, I will confirm orders within a day or so.

The Winning Guide cover

Hello Friends!

We have been busy working on the guide! Last week we launched our new publishing company called Carvonzija. This is really not that important to you who are waiting on the guide but it does let you know that ON FRIDAY 9/20/2013 WE ARE GOING TO PRINT WITH THE GUIDEBOOK!!!

It has been a well over 5 year project to get things off the ground and we at Carvongzija are very happy to be finished (with this edition)..

Here is a sample page from Taylor's Falls
We are taking pre-orders for the guide but they will not be available until the beginning of October and we will be shipping pre-orders first.To buy a guide go here:


We would like to thank everyone who helped us with this guide. You all know who you are now please buy the guide.


3RD Ascent by YST.

Last weekend Young Strong Tyler (Tyler Thurmes) Sent Mad and Rich. This problem did not make the guide but you can find a link to beta below. Ascent

Mad and Rich from Tyler Thurmes on Vimeo.